TH Forums Highlights: Disposable Crap Avalanche, Bamboo Forests + More

It's always Friday over at TreeHugger Forums...


1) Forums user tracylee is engaging in a heated discussion at work over the disposable crap -- pens, sticky notes, etc. -- that the company gives away at conferences. Rather than choosing between two evils, Tracy wonders if there can't be a great green solution to it all; fellow forums users have not disappointed. Rather than plastic and disposable, so far the suggestions have ranged from reusable canvas bags to heirloom tomato seeds.


2) User keoni has an interesting idea to grow more bamboo that doesn't have to be shipped from China: "Why not, in the US, in all the On and Off Ramps and Highway Medians plant bamboo. The roads create the perfect boundary for limiting the spread of bamboo. Lease out the harvesting of bamboo for generating state and federal revenue." So far, a few thumbs up and a few thumbs down; does something like bamboo make sense for all those miles of roads?


3) Forums user organicfoodlover is concerned that population growth will have an increasingly averse effect on the planet, especially when it comes to global warming. "Should we continue to resort to heroic efforts to keep people alive when they are critically ill no matter what the cost to the planet? I'm not sure I feel that it is always appropriate to 'do whatever it takes' to save human lives." This is a pretty controversial statement, to say the least; does the idea hold any water with you?

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