TH Forums Highlights: Composing Toilets, "Green" Christmas Trees + More

Got a green-themed dilly of a pickle? Head over to TreeHugger Forums and see who can scratch your itch. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) Forums user greencomb needs to get the poop on composting toilets: "I'm was just about to buy a little cabin in the mountains in a really cool green-friendly neighborhood. The deeded restrictions do not allow logging, hunting, clearing over a certain low percentage of trees, certain types of non-green constructions, and all sorts of other really good things. But one other thing it doesn't allow is a septic system. I think for some that might work, but for me I think there's gott'a be other eco-friendly septic options out there that are close to zero-footprint. Is there a green-septic system out there that is 'as ecologically sound' as a compost toilet?"


2) User sunflower is wondering about why eating meat has gotten such a bad rap in the environmental world. "Call me ignorant, but why is not eating meat considered green. Man has eaten meat since the beginning of time. I appreciate the argument of those who dislike the way meat is farmed for the masses ie drug filled, water pumped, intensiely farmed but what about meat that is farmed organically without relience on artifial meat enhancers etc." Water use, methane and CO2 production are just a few of the reasons being thrown around the thread; anyone care to share more?


3) Lastly, Forums user JiltedCitizen is getting in to the holiday spirit with a discussion about the greenest way to have a Christmas tree. "Is having a real Christmas tree green? Is a plastic one better? What about a potted one you can plant after? I'd say the latter is the most green. I'm for real Christmas trees...Christmas trees are generally 7-12+ years old before they are ready to be harvested. They can capture a lot of carbon, and if you compost the dead tree, they can keep the carbon from the atmosphere. Any opinions?"

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