TH Forums Highlights: Commodification of Action, the World's Greenest Country + More

TreeHugger Forums have lots for you to ponder heading in to the weekend. Here are some of the highlights...


1) Forums user PBriscoe is a student looking to talk and learn more about the commodification of action. What's that? "What I mean by the commodification of action is that instead of actually doing something to help the environment like changing personal habits or pushing their government for change, people just buy a t-shirt that says 'I'm Green' and consider themselves Green. Instead of acting, they are just purchasing." There is lots to unpack here...


2) User mpopovi busts out the Forums' polling functionality to ask: "Which country is doing the most to make our planet greener?" On the list are the US, Japan, Sweden, Norway, China, the EU and others; so far, the discussion has netted responses from "How on earth could you miss out Sweden, the country aiming for a post-oil economy." and "New Zealand is doing a lot. I heard recently that they get 70% of their electricity from renewables" to "I'm afraid most of the ones mentioned are the ones also responsible for our present predicament." and "No government is doing anything significant to merit the designation." Thoughts?


3) Lastly, Forums user stevenchen18 ponders "What is a Sustainable Society?" posits this answer: "A sustainable society is one that can progress without catastrophic setbacks in the foreseeable future. This answer recognizes the fact that human beings will not be able to build a perfect society or even to agree upon what is a perfect society for very many generations to come. A sustainable society is simply one that can avoid a devastating blow so that human society can continue its long journey to perfection." Hmm; does anyone think we can do better than this?

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