TH Forums Highlights: Carbon Rationing, DIY Hybrids, Global Dimming and More

Some interesting new topics are being breached over at the TreeHugger Forums, while an older debate -- that of climate skepticism -- rages on. Register here (it's free) and chime in as we help push sustainability ever further into the mainstream. Here are some highlights...


1) Forum user orange says that CRAGs, or carbon rationing action groups, are gaining momentum in the UK. "Over-polluters pay a given rate (usually 5p i.e. $0.10) per kilo of extra CO2 produced and under-emitters receive that money to spend however they see fit. The first US branch has just been founded in Maryland and is recruiting." Despite some mindless negativism and the persistence of some trolls (c'mon folks, let's play nice. We aren't in elementary school any more), there is a mixed reaction to the idea, thus far.


2) User lee says there is a kit that will "automatically turn your car into a hybrid and the manufacturer says will give you 30% efficiency. it's called EMIS (the electric motor interface system) and it comes with an electric motor and computer, and batteries included ...and it's available right now!" Who wants one?


3) User Weldelml is a student designer working on a new chair for an assignment, and is looking for an alternative to fiberglass, saying, "I really do not want to use fiberglass because of the dangers it poses for not only the environment, but for my health as well..." Can anyone help? More good discussion after the jump...


4) Forum moderator Alida Cornelius says, "Ever since I saw the BBC Documentary on 'Global Dimming' (which you can find on YouTube. I have posted it a few times on the forums.), I have thought that there is not enough discussion on how much of an affect all the airplanes and space travel is having on the temperature changes on earth." How does global dimming effect global warming? There's some interesting yarn being spun in this thread.

5) Lastly, user VTEN DIESEL is back (remember him from last week?) with some resources and links that present the skeptical side of global warming. That global warming isn't happening is a tough sell to this crowd; can anyone help convince VTEN that it's for real?

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