TH Forums Highlights: Car-Free Cities, Sustaining Design + More

Let us take you down, 'cause we're going to TreeHugger Forums...


1) Flexing the Forums' polling muscles, user ug333 wonders about the practicality of creating car-free communities and cities in the US: "I have always wondered what would happen if someone started buying land in the United States (and other places as well, but this is my frame of reference) and started building a car free city from the ground up. Would people come? Would enough jobs get generated? Is it even an ideal solution?" Whaddya think -- would you go car-free?


2) User and design student king_george has a question/meditation for the Forums that boils down to: "Can design be sustained? It seems to me to have become a very important point within our current practices. The fact that sustainability has become an issue will effect all aspects of how design works. Within design sustainability is probably the key to its future prosperity, or even downfall." Everything has to be designed at some point; can we make it all sustainable?


3) Lastly, we take a ride in the WayBack Machine to a thread started back in May that has recently regained some steam. Forums user muse is wondering whether plastic, aluminum or glass is better to drink from, based on recyclability, the energy it takes to do so, and so forth. The thread got picked up again when glass, the dark horse of the topic, got a bump; the discussions have also included much more permanent solutions like Sigg bottles. Thoughts?

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