TH Forums Highlights: Building Green, Gas vs. Electric Cars, Green Jobs and More

A big green "Hello and welcome!" to three new moderators over at TreeHugger Forums! Say hey to jchret, greenhammer and Andrew Macfarland Moyle have come aboard to help keep an eye on things as the forums continue to expand and help push sustainability mainstream. Here are some of the highlights:


1) Forum user TM has some advice for designers and builders alike: "It occured to me that as the world gets more and more resource dependent and restricted, the gold of the future will be the resource that can regenerate. Trees do that, sure would make more sense to plant a few more of them now, so that in the future we can use them to our advantage rather than realise it's too late, and fight over the last barrel of oil to make our plastic world."


2) mobius has been crunching some numbers to compare the relative carbon emissions for a gas-powered car vs. an electric car that uses coal-fired power from the grid, and came up with this: "I ran some pretty rough numbers and was surprised to find that coal produces four times the CO2 as a gasoline powered car. I was expecting it to be the other way around." Anyone care to chime in on the way the numbers came out?

3) Can anyone help forum user Nalogg find some gainful green employment? "I'm a lifelong environmentalist who's new to this forum. I've always been environmentally-minded, but an awful job for a reallllly heartless design firm has kinda kicked me into steering my life even further into the green, so to speak. I'm an industrial designer, living in the area of Toronto Canada, so if anybody knows of a design company that is specifically eco-friendly, or even any like-minded individual designers in the province of Ontario, please let me know!"
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4) BusyBeeMom wants to help make her old apartment complex greener. The details: "We live in a big (5 buildings, 100+ units) pre-war complex in the New York metro area. It is ghastly in terms of energy waste. The hot water is set to scalding (and I think there are only one or 2 boilers for all 5 buildings so it's being piped everywhere) and the heat is so high that most people keep windows open all winter (oil heat, no individual thermostats)."

5) Lastly, forum user rationalist asks us to gaze into the green future, and share some of your good green goals: "OK, so we've talked about what the best and worst things we all do are, so now I want to know what the next thing is. What is your current or next goal related to environmental issues?" In both the short and long term, so far growing your own food, new tree planting, hybrid cars, going car-free, collecting rain water and more have been added to the list. What're you shooting for?

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