TH Forums Highlights: Biofuels, Gas Prices, Recyling + More

We believe in miracles, since you came along, you sexy TreeHugger Forums...


1) Forums user saxon68 thinks (as TreeHugger does) that "biofuels, hailed by many as the green solution to offset a coming oil shortage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are not a cure-all solution," because, in part, they "require huge amounts of water, a resource that is already in short supply in many parts of the world." The difficulty (and irony) of having to trade one precious resource for another is not lost on this thread.


2) In the same vein, user TheLibertarian takes note that Congressman Jon Porter (R - Nev.) has predicted gas prices to continue their skyward climb, reaching the $9 per gallon threshold here in the States before it's all said and done. "I don't care if he is accurate or not, let's presume for a moment he is. How many of you could handle a spike in prices of that magnitude?" Some good discussion follows, including some of the ramifications of such a situation that reach beyond fueling your car.


3) Lastly, JiltedCitizen wants to know what's up with phone book recycling. "My curb side recycling does not recycle phone books for some reason. They do take magazines though. Any one know why? Or what to do with them?" Forums user lee thinks it's because the fibers are too short (because they make the pages so thin); several users also ponder what bliss life would be if we didn't have phone books at all...

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