TH Forums Highlights: Bike to Work, Boycott Beef, Talk to Strangers and More...

More lively discussions are engaging every minute over in TreeHugger Forums. Here are some highlights...


1) Forums user rationalist has a story for fellow users: "I got laughed at yesterday for riding my bike to and from work. I happen to know the woman who laughed at me is a generally mean-spirited person, but the fact is that she is someone who dresses very well and drives a brand-new car to the office, so I'm thinking this snobbery is partly financially related." So, does biking or using other forms of alternative transportation stick you with a socio-economic rather than TreeHugging label?


2) User anielogue wonders: where's (the boycott for) the beef? "A UN report states that beef production/consumption is a major factor in global warming due to forest destruction, gas from the cows and the tremendous amount of water and grain it takes to raise beef. Why isn't Treehugger discussing this?" Interesting points about this, including cost/benefit analysis, the efficacy of finger-shaking and just cutting back on meat all follow.


3) Forums user butterbean is curious about whether your mother was right about not talking to strangers, at least when it comes to converting them to greener behavior. "I'm sure there are tactful ways of saying things, but I'm at a loss both about whether and what to say. On the one hand I wish I could be an evangelist, but on the other hand I think it's none of my damn business." Compact fluorescent lightbulbs and a poll about Beijing 2008, below the fold...


4) User exformation is looking for your thoughts about compact fluorescent lightbulbs. "I know that compact fluorescent bulbs are immensely more efficient and cost-effective than incandescent ones, but I am also aware that CFRs contain mercury. This is a true dilemma." There are lots of opinions to help get exformation off the fence, including dimmable bulbs with less mercury and LEDs, which nearly cut it all out and pass the savings on to you.

5) Lastly, Forums user mpopovi breaks out the Forums' polling functionality to ask a question about the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. "The question is, should the Olympic administration have some say over the pollution / smog situation in Beijing?" Could the Olympics be the inspiration for a mass, nation-wide clean up, or will it only lead to more mess and more elaborate cover-ups? Hmm...

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