TH Forums Highlights: Battery Disposal, Non-Chemical Weed Killers + More


1) Forums user monkeyguru is looking for some help when it comes to recycling (or not) alkaline batteries. "[S]ome sources I have looked at so far imply that alkaline batteries are OK to put in your standard waste disposal for landfill, is this right?" We're glad you asked, monkey; it turns out that is not right, but what to do instead?


2) User gogreenbiz is looking for some non-chemical weed-killing solutions for both before and after germination; it seems that bending over and plucking them individually from the ground has become too much, and we can't blame you for that! Some respondents in the thread say "yes" to vinegar and boiling water and some say "no." Thoughts?


3) Lastly, Forums user BRBonowicz is producing a new film called "Who Stole the Electric Car?", a "road trip comedy that General Motors doesn't want you to see" about a guy who steals an electric car to win his TreeHugging girlfriend back. Would you go see this movie; does it have a place in environmentalism and our culture lexicon as a whole? Discuss.

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