TH Forums Highlights: Bathtubs, Ultracapacitors and More

Things are rocking over at TreeHugger Forums; here are some of the recent highlights...


1) Forums user Teresa is looking to find the greenest option between acrylic and cast iron when it comes to replacing a bathtub "Which has less embodied energy and which is less toxic for health, an acrylic tub or a cast iron tub? I have done a lot of thinking and looking around for info and have decided that cast iron beats acrylic by a little bit." Fiberglass and stainless steel enter the conversation as well; what do you think?


2) User ed has a big question: are ultra-capacitors good or bad? There's a poll to help flesh out everyone's opinion, but here's the issue: "Ultra-capacitors, may significantly alleviate global energy concerns, improve the environment, and stimulate the economy. Ultra-capacitors, will put a lot of people out of work," by doing away with the need for big things like gas, batteries, motors, etc. Wowsers, lots of implications here...


3) Lastly, user zissou319 is looking for a new day planner: I would like a weekly planner that has a two week layout preferably layed out on two pages. It also needs to be an academic planner meaning it begins and ends in the Summer (since having one that began in January 2007 and ended in December would only do me for half the school year). Anyone who knows some good green resources for back to school, let's hear from you.

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