TH Forums Highlights: Banning the Bulb, Going Greener + More

It's been an interesting weekend at TreeHugger Forums; here are some highlights of what you missed while you were gone fishin'.


1) Forums user rob23 is wondering about banning the bulb: "I remember a while ago a Ca law maker was trying to ban incandescent light bulbs.. does anyone know if the law passed? I tried to look it up but all the articles I could find were just about the proposal to do so." Other contributors to the thread aren't so hot on the idea, arguing that CFLs -- the most logical replacement -- provide poor light quality, are hard to dispose of, and contain toxins. We put it to you: is banning the bulb a good idea?


2) User goldh37 is on a mission: "I am already a very green person, I think. I bring my own bags to grocery stores. I don't accept plastic bags at stores (much to all the clerks' confusion). I use CFL light bulbs in my apartment. I recycle as much as I can. I use rechargeable batteries. I unplug my appliances when I leave my apartment, and switch off the power strips. I use organic soaps and cleaning supplies...Yet I feel like there's so much more I could be doing." Who has advice for darkening your shade of green?


3) Lastly, Forums user Wai is wondering, "Do you build anything from junk? What do you make?" Salvaging old stuff is always a green way to go, and can add lots of value and personality to things that new stuff just can't. The thread also contains an interesting discussion of the sheer volume of stuff that gets tossed and added to the waste stream every day; there's huge potential for further incorporating reused/recycled materials into our daily lives, but integrating it into our current systems is tricky. Hmm.

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