TH Forums Highlights: Bali Takeaways, What Newspapers Cost the Earth + More


1) Forums user PeterReefman looks upon the climate change conferences in Bali with hindsight, wondering, "What do you think of what was achieved at the Bali Conference? Was it a solid progression of the World's efforts to mitigage dangerous climate change? Will the 'roadmap' that was agreed to be actually followed through with legal ratification, or will some countries (like the US and Australia under Howard) change their minds and refuse? And most important of all... Will the measures, even if they are evenutally fully ratified in Copenhagen, make a real difference anyway?" It's a top-down model that takes government cooperation; can it work?


2) User cocopianotoes says, "I live in London where everyday tons of free papers are handed out. What do newspapers cost the earth? what about daily or weeklies? with plastic wrapping to hold their glossy colour supplements together? with 3/4 sometimes more advertising inserts? what about transport and delivery? rubbish collection (London's littered with them every evening) should be counted too?" James G. Watt once said, "They kill good trees to make bad newspapers" -- care to weigh in on how many?


3) Lastly, Forums user jcoffman says, "So what does everyone think about the Escape Hybrid? Its a small SUV, but its electric below 25 MPH. I live in Dallas and I am CONSTANTLY in stop and traffic to and from work." Do they deliver what a hybrid should? And, perhaps more importantly, should "hybrid" and "SUV" be in the same sentence? So far, the reaction in the thread is mixed; some think it's good, and others, not so much. Gearheads, hybrid enthusiasts and bicycle commuters, this one's for you!

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