TH Forums Highlights: Avoiding Plastic Bags, Blog Action Day + More

Got yourself in a rhubarb of a pickle of a jam, green-wise? Hit up TreeHugger Forums and talk it out. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) Let's talk plastic bag ridiculousness with Forums user TheSilentChamber. At issue: various retail outlets' insistence on giving you plastic bags, no matter how small the purchase. Their reason: it looks like you're shoplifting (and isn't good marketing) if you leave the store with merchandise without a bag. At fault: users have all experienced this at Wal-Mart, Sears, Publix and Michael's, and we suspect there are lots of other places we could add to this list. Anybody know a fool-proof way to avoid the bags? Or would biodegradable bags be a better option, all the way around? Discuss...


2) An oldie but goodie makes a resurgence as guest Alida Cornelius wonders about how much difference changing your light bulbs to CFLs could really make. A new round of back-of-the-napkin calculations have come through, pretty nearly verifying claims that 20 million tons of CO2 emissions are but a light bulb switch away. Sure, assumptions run rampant in these equations, but one constant remains: meaningful change is possible with widespread adoption of green behavior.


3) Lastly, Forums user gogreener wants to know who else hopped on board for Blog Action Day (which was today, you know). It was a chance to not only create some more green solidarity in the blogosphere, but to the give the movement some new voices and to look at the world of green through some eyes that don't consider the always put the environment at the top of their lists. Was it a success? Did you see it anywhere else around the web? Let's talk about it.

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