TH Forums Highlights: Average Electricity Usage, Green Shaving + More

What's Your Average Electricity Usage?

1) In an oldie but goodie thread started by user stevejust and recently picked up again, TreeHugger Forums users are comparing their average electricity usage and sharing best practices for getting that number as low as possible. There are tons of great tips, some numbers crunched -- it really does save money to change your lightbulbs! -- and some deep green ideas for taking low energy usage to the next level. The new stuff starts on Page 4, but it's all worth reading.

Green Shaving

2) User crevis79 is looking to go green in the bathroom: "Reading many postings here and getting some good ideas on a variety of topics, I have not seen much on greening the process of shaving...When I think of the many daily or semi-daily things I do, shaving comes to mind as a very wasteful process. I use a razor that has disposable cartridge heads. I use shaving cream that comes in a pressurized can that I can't recycle in my area. What can I do to improve my shaving..." So far, there's razor saving, green creams and more; how do you take it easy on your face while taking it easy on the planet?

Carbon Footprint Calculator

3) Lastly, Forums user EcoInteractive isn't impressed with the, uh, variety of information when trying to calculate carbon emissions: "According to Carbon Calculators a 5-hour flight produces the following TONS of carbon per person: 2.0 Tons p/person (20 times the weight of the fuel), 0.5 Tons p/person (2.5 times the weight of the fuel), 2.71 Tons p/ person (24 times the weight of the fuel), .496 Tons p/person (2.5 times the weight of the fuel). How can this possibly be?"

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