TH Forums Highlights: Astroturf, Should We Recycle? and More

TreeHugger Forums continue to rock 'n roll, as a few older threads (like this one about "ungreen confessions") keep pace with the steady stream of green ideas, thoughts and questions coming in, and if you like what you see, remember, we're looking for some new moderators. Here are some of the recent highlights...


1) New forum user rsktkr says, "I just joined this forum (great site BTW....very impressed) and nobody is talking about the greatest impact that we as individuals can have on the environment on a daily basis.....replace your lawn with an artificial lawn." The benefits? "No mowing (we use the equivalent of 10 cars emissions whenever we mow)no more chemicals that poison our water supply, no more wasting water!!! On average an artificial lawn application will save you 56,000 gallons per year!!!!" Hmm.


2) Another new user, Bebe580, says, "I have a question concerning recycling. A few days ago I was watching the morning news and the guy (can't remember his name) being interviewed who wrote Freakanomics says that it's actually a bad idea to recycle plastics and newspapers. A couples of his reasons were that the process involved costs too much and that it creates more pollution to recycle them. He also says that many cities don't recycle plastics because it costs so much." True or false?


3) Forum user Nowun IP has an interesting question: "How feasible is it to grow trees on some sort of floating island (don't ask me made of what, I haven't gotten that far yet) out in the middle of the ocean? Considering humans are constantly expanding their living space, yet we like our air...what all is in the way of building interconnected, small, solar powered, satellite guided, mobile islands of trees? $ would be a problem, floating the island, not harming ocean inhabitants, and what else would be problems?" More hot topics beneath the fold...


4) Green Greenie Chrismith is happy: "yay its raining in pensacola. i'm collecting rainwater for my very first time...gimme some suggestions; flush the toilet with it, what? thanks!!!" Watering the plants, organic catfish farming and using it to flush (though we aren't sure how) are all suggestions...any other good ones out there?

5) Lastly, KevinthHeaven says, "I'm interested in designing a small, green, zero energy/energy efficient home, something simple in the neighborhood of 2,000 sq. ft. My energy needs are low, so this solution seems ideal. How do these systems work? How expensive is the technology? Do I have to work through a design firm, or can I piece together my own working system? I'm new at this, and I'm eager to learn." Who can teach him?

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