TH Forums Highlights: Are We Screwed?, Greening Teens + More

The weekend is always nigh at TreeHugger Forums...


1) Forums user Tripholiada has sort of a grim outlook on the future of our planet: "my generation I believe is screwed." This according to new info from National Geographic that implies that we have to "stopping all deforestation, or doubling fuel efficancy, or making our wind power 50x what it currently is." it really to late? Let's hear from you!


2) User jduffy wants to find a way to better reach out to teens, to get them to go green. "Something I'd like to put up on a website. And since it's for teens, the less goofy, the better! Or, the more hip hop the better." This has been tried a few times before; anybody have some solid advice for greening the teen movement?


3) Forums user megsmind has a problem: "I have a horrible Coca-Cola habit that I'm trying to kick, because I can't stand the taste of water (okay, I'm a freak, but it tastes funny and makes me have bad breath) so I've been using Crystal Light to make myself drink the water... am I doing more harm then good?" Some fellow users have some good tips when it comes to avoiding plastic for better drinking water.

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