TH Forums Highlights: Air Pollution in the US, Electric Pick-Up Trucks + More

Which US state has the cleanest air?

1) Forums user is curious about air pollution and air quality in the US; specifically, he's looking for "some map of US that shows which states are cleaner of different kinds of air pollution than others?" We recommend checking out the American Lung Association's 2007 Air Quality Report, which lists the top 25 cities for long-term particulate pollution levels, and the Realtime Air Quality Mashup By AIRNow, which, as the name suggests, delivers information in real-time about where the air quality is good (and where it's bad) in the US. Anyone else?

What would you use an urban electric pick-up for?

2) User ed wonders "What would you use an 'Urban Electric Pickup' for?" The stats, for a Tata gas truck with a Chrysler Electric engine, apart from the drivetrain, top speed -- 39.7 MPH -- and various other battery-related modifications, are quite similar to a regular truck, especially the important part when considering a pick-up: over 7 feet of load body space. Pick-ups get sort of a bad rap when it comes to green, but, if this worked, would mean a whole new ballgame. Would you consider using one for short-distance hauling?

Which are the best compact fluorescent lightbulbs?

3) Lastly, an oldie-but-goodie thread from last spring gets revived. Way back in May, Forums user bradbissell had a very common TreeHugger problem: "I have attempted to find a CFL that match the incandescent bulbs I currently use. but I can't find any that match the light output. Which CFL will best match the light output/color of these bulbs?" The thread got batted around for a week or so, and dropped off the Forums map, until this past weekend, when the old thread got new life with some opinions about which CFLs are the best bet for light quality, light quantity, non-flickering and non-buzzing. Which are your favorites?

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