TH Forum Topic: How Green Is Your Music?


Most people know that computers and appliances are often rated Energy Star compliant, but how many of us consider our own home audio systems? You might be surprised to know that according to Energy Star "Americans spend more money to power home audio products when turned off than when actually in use." Sony, Panasonic, and Pioneer (to name a few), all have models that have earned the Energy Star seal of approval. But what about obsolescence? Hazardous materials? Most amplifiers and CD players have pretty long shelf life and companies are altering their manufacturing processes. As for the next generation of music technology, gear like the Sonos wireless music system may not have the Energy Star seal, but it does have built in power management, updatable firmware to combat obsolescence, and is ROHS compliant (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).

In the TH forum we're asking you to tell us about your home audio system and if you've made an effort to "green" it up. Pop in for a peek at my system and efforts to green my tunes and tell us your own story.

How Green Is Your Music