TH Forum Highlights: The Air Car Lives, Popularizing Mass Transit, Green Home Advice and More

The TreeHugger Forums are really rolling, with some excellent discussions on topics from energy and policy to transportation and lifestyle. Here's a sampling of some of the most popular, controversial and interesting forums topics; if you haven't already, get registered (it's free!), login and spend your two cents.


1) User BobTrips discovers and shares some new developments in air-powered cars, including an innovative process of heating the air as it leaves the tank which increased the range from 60 miles to 500 miles, which equates to roughly 150 miles per!


2) User Snowman77 wonders: "How many people would need to change their power utility company to green power in order to create an over demand for renewable service provided by these companies?" The answers range from "zero" to "Until the costs come down for green power, or the costs go up for conventional power most people aren't going to switch." What do you think?


3) Forum user youragentsteph puts the forum's polling functionality to work, wonders "Do you think the terms green or sustainable tend to put blinders on consumers?" in reference to her perception that LEED-certified and otherwise "green" homes don't seem to be catching on, and then asks you why you'd consider going green: for the environment, for health reasons or to save money? More good discussion after the jump...


4) User Aberwulf notices that "many people equate carpooling and mass transit with a decline in their personal standard of living. The freedom of mobility that comes with the use of a personal automobile is something we are very, very reluctant to give up as individuals" and then surmises that "this perfectly articulates why people are glued to their cars so much". Why can't we (in the US) get on board with mass transit?

5) Lastly, forum user medparadise has a chunk of change to use on home renovations, and wants to make it as green as possible. "I would love to see what suggestions you have that would not only make carbon sense but fiscal sense for me to upgrade. Is it rain water harvesting? Solar Panels? A Grid Point Protector?" A home energy audit makes sense to start with, but what should come next? Stay tuned for more details on this developing story; medparadise plans to post conclusions and actions taken right there on the forum.

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