TH Forum Highlights: Fuel-Cell Future, Affordable CFLs, Perceiving Green-Related Problems and More...

The beat rolls on over at the TreeHugger Forums, with more and more problem solving and green thinking about greening your home, finding the future of personal transportation and much more. To speak out on these and other green topics, get registered (remember, it's free!), log in and start conversing with your fellow greens; read on for some of the highlights...


1) BobTrips finds this news: "General Motors is determined to 'remove the car from the environment and energy debate' in the next 10 years by doing away with the internal combustion engine altogether", and adds, "Personally I'm questioning the hydrogen/fuel cell approach." Is it the future of green transportation?


2) Forum user JB starts up where another thread left off, crunching some numbers and doing some math to figure out who wins the battle between heat pump and furnace in terms of cost, energy used and carbon footprint. There's also an interesting mini-thread about power grid dynamics and how different energy sources and different climates affect the math in this heat-source smackdown.


3) BobTrips is back (he's a busy guy over there!) with a handy discovery: compact fluorescent lightbulbs are available for 36 cents a pop at a retailer near him (and maybe near you, too). Plus, for any CFL shoppers out there, the thread delves in to watts, light color, lumens, and even back to the mercury vapor issue. More good discussion after the jump...


4) Forum user pepper raises an interesting issue: "Why are people not motivated to do 'green' things? They don’t perceive it is a problem. They do not perceive the crisis. This is because the environmental concerns that TRULY exist and are TRULY threatening get lost in a sea of 'naturalist' thinking and ludicrous unscientific claims such as 'fluoridated toothpaste is bad'." For context, pepper recently finished reading TreeHugger's How to Green Women's Personal Care, and disagrees with the statement that fluoride can be harmful. So, two interesting issues to be addressed in this thread...

5) Lastly, sallyforth wonders, "Does anyone know how much energy is wasted by the electric phones as opposed to old-fashioned non-electric phones?" The answers and resulting discussion gets at the perceived evils of technology, the opportunity that tech has to help create a greener, more efficient world, and where the Amish fit in to all of this...check it out!

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