TH Citizen Profile: Mercy Hernandez, Irma Gomez, and Maria Paez-Garcia (AKA: The Edge)


Separately, they are Mercy Hernandez, Irma Gomez and Maria Paez-Garcia; together, they are "The Edge," an environmental education group in South Florida bringing the good green message to young TreeHuggers between the ages of 2 and 5.

As we've learned from the other Citizen Profiles this week, there are many great actions everyone can take, and many pieces to an individual's green lifestyle puzzle. Beneath the fold, learn more about The Edge's favorite green pleasure -- "teaching young children how to save our beautiful planet!" -- and about their anti-green pleasure, which they were hesitant to reveal (hmm...) and stay tuned for the final Citizen Profile tomorrow.(Questions answered by Mercy Hernandez on behalf of The Edge)

What is your age?

I am 41 years old.

Where do you live?

Palmetto Bay, Florida

Are there any green happenings in your city/town?

Yes, many!

Based on your guiltless, green pleasure; tell us a little more about what The Edge is. What do you do?

What we do is promote environmental education, help schools with knowledge on how to transform their indoor and outdoor environment into Earth friendly environments, as well as assisting teachers educate Environmental Awareness to young children, ages 2 to 5, through our Curriculum and Environmental programming.

What has been your biggest challenge? Success?

Our biggest challenge has been getting our important message out to the people. Our biggest success has been seeing the results of our program after implementing them in a pilot school!!

You never told us what your anti-green pleasure is (which was sort of against the rules but we let it slip since we liked your guiltless, green pleasure so much!). There must be something that you can't live without that isn't exactly green. Tell us about it.

My car would have to be my biggest guilt. It’s not a hybrid, but it is paid off! I check my tires regularly, schedule my trips accordingly, carpool and open my windows as much as the weather permits (I did mention I live in South Florida).

Would we find any eco-products in your closet? Your fridge? if so, what? We want to hear brands.

Yes you would! Our paper products are all recycled from our local grocery store, their products are called green-wise, and our cleaning products are Seventh Generation, Shaklee, Method and other commercial Eco-friendly products. In my fridge you will find organic fruits, vegetables and always organic chicken! Most of it is purchased in the organic section of our local supermarket and community partner Publix.

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