TH Blog/Vlog Love — Our Favourite Greens of The Week


Daryl Hannah Love Life: Green Building
Not so much a blog as a vlog, this is the beautiful (inside and out!) Daryl Hannah’s video podcast on environmental issues. This week she shows us around some amazing eco houses. Next week she’s in Rwanda for World Water Day and endangered gorillas. The girl's busy!

Organic Authority: Carnival of The Green 23 by Laura Lynn Klein
Organic Authority is proud to host the 23rd Carnival of Green! This travelling journal of environmentally aware bloggers roams from website to website in the mysterious abyss called the world wide web.

The Lazy Environmentalist: Technology - Environmental Opportunity?
Yeah we are getting all multi media this week on Blog Love. This is Josh Dorfman’s weekly show through Lime Radio. This week Josh discusses cutting-edge trends at the intersection of technology and the environment.

The Weekly Beet: Clothing With A Conscience! by Mary Kent & Elisa
For those of you who enjoyed this week's THTV episode on Sustainable Style here is another angle on the same topic. The Beet girls get some vlog action happening and they even work a Gandhi quote in there "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness."

Two Steps Forward: RenewUS: A Climate Movie with a Happy Ending
Joel Makower introduces the flash movie he produced in partnership with Stonyfield Farm. The movie is part of an ambitious campaign to mobilize citizens to take mass actions to change, or circumvent, our political and corporate leaders' tepid response to climate change. We particularly like prospect of McFuel!