TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week.


Dianovo: Carnival of the Green # 83 by Bluecobalt
The fun at the fair this week features Save The Ribble, The Responsible Engineer, Hybrid Car Review, Moneywalks, Missmalaprop, Generation Exe, Veggie Revolution and Bean Sprouts.

EcoStreet: Give your bathroom a green makeover by Tracy Stokes
"Whether you are planning a complete bathroom overhaul, or just want to make a few inexpensive changes, we can help you make your bathroom an altogether more eco-friendly place."Green TV: Glastonbury 07 Video Blog
Green TV were filming their way round the Glastonbury festival last weekend keeping a beady eye out for greens happenings. They've got no fewer than 8 segments posted, including vox pops from the crowds and scenes from the green futures fields, but really you should start with the Green Police!

Groovy Green: How To Build Your Own Wind Turbine For Less Than $150 by Michael d'Estries
"These are seriously some of the most helpful and detailed instructions for building a small wind turbine that I’ve found. If you ever wanted to know even a teensy bit of info on how the entire setup comes together, just look at this page."

Inhabitat: Tom Dixon on Sustainable Design by Jill Fehrenbacher
"Tom Dixon, design pioneer and all around renaissance man, was one of the big hits of the recent HauteGREEN festivities, where he spoke about issues, concerns and contradictions in sustainable design, including materials, production, recycling and economics."

TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week.
EcoStreet: Give your

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