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Environmental Leader: Enterprise, GM, VeraSun, Kroger Step Up FlexFuel Marketing Efforts. "Enterprise Rent-A-Car has dubbed one of its Cincinnati rental locations as an official "VE85/FlexFuel branch." On June 28, a similar VE85/FlexFuel branch was announced in Washington, D.C. VeraSun Energy Corporation and The Kroger Co. announced the opening of 20 VE85 fueling locations at Kroger convenience stores in Ohio and Kentucky."

Greener Magazine: Carnival of the Green # 92 by Harlan Weikle
"Carnival, this is the fourth Carnival we've been privileged to host: two on Greener Magazine and one each at The Naked Vegetarian and our own Animal Broadcast Network and the largest yet with some 35 contributors."Grist: 'If you were really green, you would have walked here' by Judith Lewis
"The headline refers to a sign that appears as you drive (or as I drove, in a huge white pickup truck) into the Playa at five miles an hour, and it's not a bad summary of the enviro discussion here at Burning Man. How can you really be green at an event you have to drive hundreds of miles to, mostly through desert, with all your heavy crap in the car?"

Haute*Nature: "Tire sculpture reuse: what to do with tons of waste
by H.
Artists today are getting ever more elaborate in their endeavors of large scale sculpures made out of the waste. And of course you could build an earth rammed house stucture, filling the tires with dirt for the passive solar thermal walls....a little dose of creativity always helps."

Powering Down: Fighting over the way we live
by Aaron Nuline
"Two videos I recently watched have been haunting my dreams. The first is Henry Rollins, "short, gray and angry" in Israel doing his spoken word best about the war. The second is Michael Klare, author of Resource Wars and Blood and Oil giving a great 30 minute talk about how peak oil could very well bring more violence into our world."