TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Environmental Graffiti: Bio-fuels and Supermarkets kill orangutans by Mary King
"Indonesia and Malaysia together produce 83 percent of the world’s palm oil. In 2004, the Indonesian government released a plan calling for the conversion of 40,000 square miles of Borneo to palm plantations by the end of the decade. Borneo currently supports the largest surviving wild orangutan population. However, environmental groups fear this may not be true for much longer, as the primates are rapidly losing their habitat due to the deforestation."

Good Clean Tech: 50 Mile-Per-Gallon... Plane! by Steven Volynets
"Yep. This beauty is known as Pipistrel Virus. The Slovenian-built single engine, two-seat plane was the winner of NASA-sponsored Personal Aircraft Vehicle (PAV) challenge. That's right. NASA and Café Foundation believe that aircraft like Pipistrel Virus could be the working prototypes of future flying cars!" Inhabitat: Green Your Appliances! Refrigerators by Jennifer Van Der Meer
"This summer with our new special series we’ll be investigating four different home appliances to learn about efficient energy use, green design, and eco-friendly choices. First stop on our green appliances tour: the refrigerator."

Miss Malaprop: Carnival of the Green # 90 by Mallory
"Long ago I signed up to host the Carnival of the Green this week, in celebration of the first anniversary of MissMalaprop (my first real post was a year ago today). Without further ado, here’s the round-up of the past week’s posts from around the green blogosphere:"

True Green Confessions: "You turn off the water while you brush your teeth, you've taken a prius for a test-drive, and you've installed at least one compact fluorescent light bulb in your house. But -- you still take a 20 minute shower, refuse to give up those pretty Fiji water bottles and just can't seem to put your newspapers in that recycling bin. In the immortal words of Kermit the Frog, it's not easy being green (at least, it's not easy all the time)! Leave your confessions here and check back often for reader responses and comments. You'll be happy to know you are not alone."