TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Blue Egg: Far-flung food by Jenn Yee
"These days, the chances that an organic farmer in Kenya knows the definition of carbon footprint are pretty high. What's more, that farmer knows because the very small footprint he or she creates is one of the few defenses left against "food miles" activists—who argue that food transported by air is hurting the environment."

EcoGeek: The New iMac's Green Cred by Hank Green
"Steve Jobs unveiled the 4th generation iMac today. Not many surprises, the design is fairly true to the original form, just a bit sleeker and skinneir. It's got some pretty impressive specs and is, of course, quite beautiful. That's what Mac is all about these days."Eco-Worrier: Local Versus Global by Anna Shepard
"A thought-provoking piece written by Alice Fordham in The Times today (find it here). Alice hits on the biggest contradiction and complication when ethical food shopping: whether to support local producers at the expense of the developing world."

No Impact Man:
The unhappy numbers game
by Colin Beavan
"Somehow I've gotten into the terrible habit of compulsively checking No Impact Man's ranking on Technorati to see how it compares with other blogs (1,422 as of this writing, by the way). How pathetic I am in this regard became all the more apparent to me when I mentioned the compulsion to a friend who didn't even know what Technorati was (it's the search engine for blogs). How could I let my concerns get so rarified?"

Organic Researcher: Carnival of the Green by Matthew Reed
"Blogging, especially environmental blogging has always been focussed on the personal, in fact it often leads to a cottage industry where micro-scale retailing meets the green life."