TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecostreet: Embrace green motherhood: breastfeed by Tracy Stokes
"Breastfeeding is the most environmentally friendly way to feed your baby. Breast milk is a renewable resource. No plastic bottles that will end up in landfill one day, no energy needed to produce plastic bottles and formula milk, no inefficient land use and methane produced by cows, and the only energy used is your own."

Nicomachus: Carnival of the Green by Phillip Barron
"The finale for this week's Carnival is an entry that wasn't submitted -- just one I came across while reading. The author asks a pertinent question that bears repeating in this new wave of popular environmentalism: whether the green aspects of green consumerism outweigh the costs of consumerism itself. Like her, I too am skeptical. Living green is about simplifying one's demands of the world, and green consumerism is still consumerism. How do we get out of this box?" Sebastopol: Urban Greenery Photography
"Much as we urban dwellers drive nature away, we also try to reintroduce it into the metropolis. For all our efforts to control, to order, to be mechanical and technical, one could say that "nature" in the many roles we imagine it (from the beautiful pastoral, opposite-of-culture, or the unconscious) is the repressed of the city which inevitably returns."

WorldChanging: A Car-Free Future? by Erica Barnett
"There are few possessions to which people are more attached than their cars. Surveys have consistently shown that between a quarter an a third of all Americans bestow names on their cars. One survey found that 84 percent of all people say they "love" their cars, and more than half keep photos of their cars on hand."

Yert Blog: YERTpod3: Ask Uncle Sam by Julie, Mark, and Ben
"With Ben dressed as Uncle Sam, YERT took to the streets on the 4th of July, hoping to connect with Americans of all ages. We failed miserably! We found Americans solely between the ages of 5 and 12, but we also found that those kids flocked to Ben. And they had way more than 6 minutes of eco "insights" to share..."