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7Gen: The Good News About Rising Oil Prices by the Inkslinger
"There’s no question that the current oil crunch is making it painful for most of us to visit the gas pump.But is there a silver lining in the clouds of this energy storm? Some experts think so."

AIDG Blog: Carnival of the Green #136 by Catherine Laine
"It’s that time of year again. Carnival of the Green is back on the AIDG blog. This week’s carnival features stories on earth-friendly homes in Tunisia (aka Tatooine), a royal’s embracing of the wine-based ethanol for his car, nature photography and more."Ideal Bite: Get Wiped by Hanah Snavely
"The old Hanah faced bedtime armed with a jar of Ponds and a Q-tip to get the black off. That was before I learned that the real monsters lurking during slumber didn't live under the bed, but in the cold cream I was using in my nightly beauty regime (my stinkeye's looking at you, parabens)."

Inhabitat: Taming Typhoons - Incredible Storm Water Sewer System by Evelyn Lee
"If you think that’s a computer rendering, guess again. The incredible engineering masterpiece pictured above is a massive stormwater management solution for the metropolitan area of the city of Saitama, Japan."

Jonathan Porritt: One Billion Trees
"OK, so there are indeed a number of dodgy tree-planting schemes being done as carbon offsets, and it is now widely accepted that forestry-based offsets need to be treated with a great deal of caution. But that absolutely doesn’t mean that all tree-planting has ceased to be important."

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