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DH Love Life: Worm Poop by Daryl Hannah
Daryl visits the amazing recycling superstars Terracycle to see their worm poop, their reused packaging and all the other inventive things they do with our waste.

Next Billion: Expo Zaragoza '08 and Other Reasons to Join the Water Conversation by Francisco Noguera. "If there was ever a good summer to be in Spain, 2008 was it. Not only because of the great celebrations that surely followed Torres' match-winning goal last Sunday, but also because of the remarkable Expo Zaragoza 08. Titled "Water and Sustainable Development", the Expo will be a three-month long venue... to celebrate water and raise awareness about its role in our planet."R3 Project: Eat Local! It is better for you and the environment by Petz Scholtus
"We had been looking for quite a while for a local organic vegetable box service like Able & Cole we knew from London. Finally Josep recommended the company Recapte to us, we tried it out and are very happy with our choice... You can really taste the difference and probably learn to cook a few new recipes along the way...right now it’s cherry season here in Catalonia."

Two Hands Worldshop: Carnival of the Green #134 - Welcome to Wrestle-Greenia! by Alicia Erickson. "Step right up, don’t be shy, today our show will be a little different as we present for your entertainment Greenies battling against plastic (gasp!) toxins (no!) and other vile creations in the Main Tent’s Wrestle Greenia!"

WorldChanging: The Problem with Big Green by Alex Steffen and Julia Steinberger
"Do small steps actually lead anywhere? We all know the theory that small steps lead to bigger steps, which lead in turn to real change...But it's not at all clear that the ready abundance of small steps is actually making any difference."

TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week
Next Billion: Expo Zaragoza '08 and Other Reasons

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