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Fashion Made Fair: First event in Bristol this weekend by Jules Hau
"The UK’s leading ethical fashion sale, Fashion Made Fair, will take place from 6th to 8th June 2008 in the heart of Bristol, at 36 Park Street BS1 5JG. The event, which has become a regular fixture in every London ethical fashionista’s diary, will once again showcase the UK’s best selection of eco and ethical fashion and lifestyle brands."

Green Girls Global: Are You Enjoying The Asparagus Season?
by Clare
Are you making the most of the incredibly short asparagus season? Blink and you miss it…May and early June see the brief few weeks when we can get hold of locally-grown asparagus (I’m talking UK and Europe here - apologies to the rest of the global community!)"Green Ladywell: Carnival of the Green # 130! by Sue Luxton
"I am delighted to be hosting Carnival of the Green today, a medley of all things green on the blogosphere over the past week. I signed up for this about a year ago, as it gets booked up months in advance, so it's quite exciting that my turn has finally come round!"

Make-It-Green Girl: CFL Safety by Anna Elzeftawy
"This week, I'm going to address both safe handling and disposal, with particular emphasis on the key element in CFLs: mercury. Element number 80 has a lot of drama surrounding it, so this is going to be a hands-on, politics-off guide to mercury and how it relates to CFLs."

Zaproot: Father's Day Gift Guide
by Damien Somerset
The latest vlog on this a green video network aimed at highlighting the most exciting and entertaining things happening in the new eco-revolution: "Our green Father’s Day Gift Guide and the coolest things on two wheels or less."

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