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Big Green Weekend: Welcome to the Big Green Weekend 2008 by Jason Elliott
"We have a variety of activities planned for you this year as well as bringing you the truly unique Big Green Market, with their blend of ethical, eco-friendly, Fairtrade and just plain wacky goods on offer in the Hebden Bridge Marina. 24th, 25th, 26th May"

DeSmogBlog: Power of 10
by Kevin Grandia
"The Desmog Project must raise $100,000 in 2008 to hire hot researchers, smokin' good writers, launch cool new web features and publish a book on the Climate Denial Industry. With your help the DeSmog Project will bring in 10,000 donations of $10 each. Its a small amount to ask, but the power of $10 x 10,000 is enough for us to take Project DeSmog to a whole other level."Inhabitat: ICFF 2008: Inhabitat Reports by Jill Fehrenbacher
"If you missed the NY furniture fair this year, don’t fear - you can catch up on all the best new green design right here at Inhabitat. We went nuts scouring every last ICFF booth so that you don’t have to. We wanted to spare you having to pace up and down under the florescent lights of the Javitz center, rubbing your bleary eyes, wondering to yourself ‘where’s the green design amongst all this shiny shiny plastic?’"

Ecorazzi: Queen Elizabeth Throws Down For The World’s Largest Wind Turbine by Michael D'Estries
"It’s not just Prince Charles that gets to enjoy all those cool, green toys. Queen Elizabeth has decided to invest some serious cash in the world’s largest wind turbine — a 7.5 megawatt monster. I’ve seen some 1.5mw behemoths that were gigantic, so this thing must be massive."

Worldchanging: Using Disasters for Systemic Change by Matthew Waxman
"What if we could accompany a collaborative design process with some sort of policy framework tying together disaster-response to designing for systemic change? What if we could plan to use the future's inevitable disasters as opportunities for change and innovation?"

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