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Bean Sprouts: Carnival of the Green # 126 by Melanie Rimmer
"Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish offers Earth Day 2008: Pieces of a World that I Love, a moving photo essay remembering that our earth is more than some elusive green wilderness. It's everything around us every day."

Being Unchained: Tipping the scales of injustice?
by Lea Simpson
"The news today is awash with talk of an independent ombudsman that has been appointed to resolve disputes between the big supermarkets and their suppliers. My personal opinion is that their approach to planning permission and the 'competition test' leaves a lot to be desired. Many parties (including Friends of the Earth) felt this was a missed opportunity to do something for local shops."eCo Times: Threadheads: LA Hipsters And DIY Stencils by Jenn Breckenridge
"What do an exacto knife, a can of spraypaint, and Batboy have to do with transforming your most banal garment into your most prized possession? Find out in this episode of Threadheads, when Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar get a lesson in stenciling and explore the dicey world of the LA hipster. Reduce, reuse, recycle, revamp."

Inhabitat: Bringing Wind Power to Off-Grid Guatemalan Villages
by Ali Kriscenski
"Wind power holds much promise but often meets obstacles in small-scale application. Enter Engineers Without Borders. Volunteers from this humanitarian group, including Malcolm Knapp and Heather Fleming pictured above, have developed a small wind turbine design that has the capacity to bring much needed electrical power to remote villages in Guatemala and provide an alternative to hazardous kerosene lighting."

R3Project: THINK, Like Our Office Chair by Petz Scholtus
"We have indeed decided to get a rather clever office chair: one that thinks about the environment as well as our body posture. Plus it is a beautiful chair. Its name is THINK, by Steelcase, specialists in office furniture. The company commits to applying Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Materials Chemistry and Recycle/Reuse strategies to the design of all their products."

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