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Babelgum: Arctic Meltdown Video
"According to the world's scientists sea level rise is "arguably one of the world's most important potential impacts of global climate change." This Greenpeace documentary explores two remote regions of the world, The Marshall Islands and The Arctic."

DH Love Life: Luvlife - R Hero For Spring by Daryl Hannah
"I have always admired Julia greatly ever since I first heard of her "Luna" tree-sit. Often referring 2 the hope that 1 day I would pull my "butterfly" out. That I might find an action to take which I am passionately connected 2 + will speak clearly to help create a better world. What I called my "butterfly" Julia has eloquently renamed "What's your tree?"
Ecorazzi: Kevin Nealon Says April 23rd Is F*ck The Earth Day
by Michael d'Estries
"Kevin Nealon (love the banjo) approves a hilarious message from Jack English declaring April 23rd to be "F*ck The Earth Day". Enjoy!"

Carnival of the Green #124
by Chris Baskind
"On the eve of Earth Day 2008, it's the 124th edition of Carnival of the Green. It's a particularly special occasion for us here at EcoTech Daily. Today marks our site's official launch. We're pleased to welcome writers from all over the green blogosphere and present a sampling of their recent work."

Planetwize: Aside From Music, No Action on Earth Day
"San Francisco, California - There were hemp yoga pants, electric scooters, and vegan pot brownies. There was Tree Girl, Treehugger, EarthJustice, Rock the Earth, and JPMorgan Chase. There were enthusiastic speakers addressing the people, who had amassed in the thousands, drinking beer and puffing pipes while awaiting the next band."

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