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Celcias: What a Waste by Joe Turner
"An apple a day gets thrown away. In fact, 4.4 million apples get thrown away in the UK every day, the majority of which are still perfectly edible. This is according to information released this week by the UK government funded Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)."

Green Thing: Why Take a Short Sharp Shower?
"The world and its water are like a balding man and his hair. Neither can make any more of it, and the total amount at either's disposal is only ever going to recede. But 'ah' you might be thinking. 'Ah — the world's full of water. There's oceans and rivers and lakes and the Dudley public swimming baths.' Well, yes — but about 97% of the world's water is unusable, and 2.5% is inaccessible."EcoWorldly: Is Our Education System Working? by Dumisani Dladla
"The problems we are faced with today are the results of unethical leadership. Our business and political leaders have had the best education, yet many would sacrifice human wellbeing end the environment for the love of money. Growing up in Soweto, near Johannesburg, South Africa has taught me to value 'ubuntu', or 'I am because we are.'"

Jetson Green: Architectural Record's Unbuilt Houses 2008
by Preston Koerner
"Eight houses were chosen for Architectural Record's special, web-exclusive list of Unbuilt Houses. They're all green. If you take a look, you might notice something familiar. You've probably seen many of them before. Five of the eight homes have been featured on Jetson Green previously (links below). I guess that means we're doing something right (and fast), too."

Nature Moms: Carnival of the Green #123 by Tiffany
"As I was reading submissions this week I was thinking about how much "green" blogging goes on that I am not even aware of. I guess I concern myself mainly with green as it relates to family but boy I am not even scratching the surface. I LOVE blog surfing to see what the latest and greatest green news and opinion is."

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