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Agroblogger: Carnival of the Green # 122
"So it seems that the current paradigm emphasizes green economics, which became clear to me while reading the carnival submissions. And naturally, some green ideas are more thoughtful, elegant, and innovative than others. Still, this 122nd COG has a little something for everyone, so have a read, and I hope you have as much fun perusing through it as I did putting it together."

DeSmogBlog: A Reading List for the Narrowminded by Richard Littlemore
"Amazon has apparently sent my copy of The Deniers, Lawrence Solomon's book version of his tiresome Denier series in the National Post, a review of which will follow when it arrives. But Amazon also followed up with a list of books they think might also interest me: a handsome reading list for anyone who is determined to remain delusional about global warming."
Earth2Tech: The State of Green Funding in 2008 — So Far by Katie Fehrenbacher
"As the first quarter of 2008 roars by like a 747 stuffed with biofuels, our research peers are tallying up the amount of cleantech investing that went down. Between $988 million and $1.25 billion globally, according to two reports out this week, the lower figure from Greentech Media and the upper number from the Cleantech Group."

Ecoworldly: The Spy Who Was "Plane Stupid" by Mark Seall
"It’s been an intriguing week for British environmental activists, with the discovery of a spy in the camp at UK aviation protest group Plane Stupid. Ultimately the spy, an employee of C2i International who specialize in ’special risk management’ (otherwise known as industrial espionage) was little match for Plane Stupid, who described him as 'more Austin Powers than James Bond'."

Inhabitat: New Eco-Friendly Pavilions for London’s Southbank by Cate Trotter
"A favorite London, sunny day hang out spot, Potters Field Park, has just gotten even better with the addition of these two stunning pavilions designed by socially and environmentally aware architects DSDHA. The pavilions stand either side of the park, one at the foot of Norman Foster’s City Hall and the other beside Tower Bridge, providing refreshments and fantastic views of the river."

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