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DH Love Life: Fast by Daryl Hannah
Daryl's latest vlog moves from fast food junk to health food and fasting. She speaks to nutrition expert Annie Jubb about how to detox your colon and takes a trip into the desert for the ultimate health spa experience.

New Scientist Environment: Fred's Footprint-Treasure in the desert
by Fred Pearce
"...the world's food supplies are alarmingly dependent on phosphate fertiliser hewn from the desert of Western Sahara. This mining takes place under the gaze of troops from neighbouring Morocco, which took over the country 32 years ago."
The Daily Green: San Francisco Skyline Could Go Dark by Dan Shapley
"Owners of skyscrapers would be fined for lights left on after hours under a new law being considered in San Francisco. The first-in-the-nation rule would impose the commonsense energy-saving practice in a draconian way, with fines of $50 to $250 per offense, depending on the frequency of the problem."

Victoria E: Carnival of the Green #120 by Victoria Everman
"It was a busy posting week over at LifeGoogles. First up are the 2nd Green Link Love - Other Great Green Sites post and the 9th Fun Green Roundup. Also up this week are two eco-product review posts: one for the Radius Toothbrush and another titled Real Deal Recycled Tarp Hat."

Wearing The Future: Could Stains Become Socially Acceptable?
by Kyeann Sayer
"After all of your futile stain removal efforts, the offending garment must be banished: a wardrobe pariah no longer acceptable for long lunches or casual Fridays. After all, stains connote laziness, slovenliness, and inattention to detail, not dressing for success."

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