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High Line Blog: Awards Sweep for High Line Champion Amanda Burden by Josh. "It’s award season for Amanda Burden, Chair of the New York City Planning Commission — and one of the High Line’s earliest, most passionate champions. Earlier in February, we saw her glide up to the podium to accept a New York City Cititzens Committee award, presented by Charlie Rose"

The Ecolibertarian: Carnival of the Green #116! by David Reevely
"Hi, everyone, and welcome to Carnival of the Green #116. Here at the EcoLibertarian, we try to find solutions to environmental problems by persuasion and, where that’s not enough, by market mechanisms that are as unintrusive as can be."Wearing The Future: Is Human Hair a Workable Fur Alternative? by Kyeann Sayer
"Project Runway finalist Chris March may have made the biggest contribution to the fashion world of any contestant yet -- albeit and odd one. The high-spirited costume designer sent human hair down the runway on garments that he described as 'Gothic.'"

WorldChanging: Someone Invent a Better City Ranking! by Alex Steffen
"A couple weeks ago, Popular Science released a list of the greenest 50 U.S. cities, to a predictable amount of bloggage and debate about whether Portland is really all that. But something important's been missed in the discussion of the list, which is that it's not actually based on good measurements of what makes a city green."

ZapRoot: Biofuels Suck! by
"Biofuels took a beating when several new studies came out and we survey to stupidest resort ideas ever." by Sarah Szalavitz and Damien Somerset

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