TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecogeek: Creating Fuel from CO2 (With a bit of Uranium)
by Hank Green
"When we burn fuel, we turn hydrocarbons into to CO2 and H2O. But what if we could reverse that process and, instead, use CO2 (the chief greenhouse gas) and water (which is fairly prevalent) to create fuel?"

Environmental Graffiti: Environmentalism in 1778 by Robert Knox
"Today we’re going to India in 1778 to cover a forest, a desert, and a tribe of environmentalists who literally laid down their lives to protect their environment."Greenormal: Would You Have Sent This Email...? by John Grant
"Might it be that I and my readers might have some misgivings about the opening of a new terminal at a major airport given the current and growing impact of aviation on total carbon emissions and climate change? My point, if I have one, in publishing this verbatim is to warn agencies that treating bloggers like journalists is a tricky, dangerous path full of potential pitfalls and reversals."

The Greener Side: Carnival of the Green # 115! by
"Brr. During this frosty week, it's no wonder that travel is on the brain of many bloggers at this week's Carnival of the Green."

Sustainable Is Good: CleanWell Innovative Products and Packaging Lead to Success by Rider Thompson. "San Francisco-based CleanWell is a company that has developed a series of hand washes and hand sanitizers using a proprietary plant based natural formula called Ingenium. The products are innovative because they kill 99.9% of germs without using the harsh chemicals found in their conventional counterparts."