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AIDG Blog: Carnival of the Green # 86 by Catherine Laine
"Live Earth is maybe the concert equivalent of Marmite for environmentalists: either you loved it or you hated it. Jim Jay of the Daily Maybe weighs in with his thoughts. Despite the title of his post, "Open Sewer Earth", which would suggest that Jim is in the "hated it" camp, he gives fair analysis of how the naysayers have a few things all wrong."

Ecorazzi: Anya Bags Sell Out in 29 Minutes at Columbus Circle by Melissa Rosenberg. "I arrived at Whole Foods on Columbus Circle this morning in the pouring rain to take photos of Anya Hindmarch's "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" buyers. I was lucky enough have pre-ordered my bag at the Theory Store's "It's Easy Being Green" event in early June. The bags went on sale at 8am. I arrived at about 8:27 and snapped my first photo at 8:29 just as a Whole Foods rep came outside to tell the crowd, "The last bag has just been sold."Inhabitat: VIDEO: Sustainable Design at Postopolis! by Emily Pilloton
"At the recent Postopolis event in NYC designers, architects, and bloggers came out to discuss issues surrounding architecture, urbanism, sustainability and a slew of other topics. If you were reading Inhabitat during this event, you might have recalled that Inhabitat's founder Jill put together a panel discussion about sustainable design featuring Graham Hill of Treehugger, Susan Szenasy of Metropolis, and Allan Chochinov of Core77."

NRDC Switchboard: Tysons Corner, USA by Julia Bovey
"On June 1st my husband was riding his bike home from work when he was hit by a car. Of course he was. He works in a place called Tysons Corner, Virginia...Even if you've never been to Tysons Corner, you know exactly what it's like, because if you live in the United State of America, you likely have a Tysons Corner of your very own."

The Tao of Change: The Live Earth Debate - join us!
by Tao and Sami Grover
"Sami says: A few days ago, Tao asked me for my opinion on Live Earth. She was writing a post on the event, and wanted to include some different perspectives. The post came and went, but as I hadn't seen Live Earth, and was at best a little skeptical, it was difficult to comment. My initial thought was to write something on why I hadn't bothered watching the show, but Tao was none too impressed by this approach. The resulting email exchange threw up some interesting issues, and we thought we would share an edited version with the world. It went something like this:"

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