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Freshtopia: Valentine's Day pt II
by Tanja Andrews + Oscar Grimm
"This Valentines day, we've gone buck-rogers with a racy show about aphrodisiacs! For the occasion we've concocted a pulse-pounding chocolate sauce chock-full of sensuous spices like maca, cayenne, and cinnamon to get you in the mood for love."

Inhabitat: VIDEO: Chris Jordan At Greener Gadgets by Jill Fehrenbacher
"Although our short video sadly doesn't do justice to Jordan's massive, mind-boggling photographs, (which take up entire walls in galleries), the video provides insight into the vision behind the art, and the innovative method Jordan uses to visualize statistics as fine art."
Michelle Kauffman Designs: The Science of Romance
by Kelly
"One of our favorite artists, Brian Andreas of StoryPeople, recently did a "scientific poll" on what people want for Valentine's Day, as you can see above. At least in terms of what women would like for Valentine's Day, time was the big winner."

R3 Project: Wooden Board Upon the Wall, Who is the Greenest Green of All? by Petz Scholtus. "To close off some storage space and to build more shelves in the studio, we went out hunting again for the greenest engineered wood options, the disadvantage of which is mainly the high amount of toxic resins they contain."

Transition Culture:
Will The Key Driver for the Relocalisation of Food Be Peak Oil, Climate Change or . Obesity?
by Rob Hopkins. "The debate has raged recently among the online peak oil/localization community about whether peak oil will result in the relocalisation of food, or whether it will in fact lead to a shoring up and revalidation of industrial agriculture."

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