TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Green Guys Global: Convergence Cotton by Rob Drake-Knight
"The basic concept is regeneration; a farm that has used agro chemicals — cotton or otherwise is used to manufacture organic cotton. The cotton is grown using organic methods but is grown in the soil left by the previous farmer."

Green Options: Green Options Turns One: A Year Later by David Anderson. Happy Birthday GO! "A year ago today, went live to the public for the first time. Jeff remembers those first exciting hours of our launch, but I trace the most important moments back to the start of a parallel timeline."Grist: Where's the straight talk express when you need it? by David Roberts
"So who could have made the difference on this crucial fight in the battle against global warming? Why, maverick climate crusader John McCain! Only he did not elect to return to D.C. and vote. And so the bill died. What a maverick!"

Haute*Nature: Janna Syvanoja: Recycled book art jewelry
by H
"Amazing vintage book art pendants and brooches created by Janna Syvanoia combine my love of jewelry and paper sculpture into a delicious unison."

The Tao of Change: Carnival of the Green #113 by Tao Oliveto
"Lots of talk out there about the practice of Hypermiling - the art optimizing your car's fuel efficiency. Brave New Leaf - an inspiring read from a "normal American guy" who recently "woke up" to the ways of green, introduces us to the techniques and to a hypermiling expert who can push a Prius up to 120 mpg."

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