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DHLoveLife: Valentines Gifts by Daryl Hannah
"Luscious love candle - super sexy red - honey smelling - 100% beeswax candle.
Chocolate lovers basket - chocolate oil!- pure head-2-toe organic cacao skin food.
Romantic roses bath tea - mmm…. smell sexy with a naturally beautiful bath tea.
Sweet Thoughts journal - a handmade notebook 4 writing down your sweet thoughts…100% recycled/repurposed."

TreeHugger has been nominated for two Bloggy Awards—Best Topical Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Please vote for us now! (Hint: To find us, scroll toward the bottom of the page.)EcoFabulous: Who Doesn't Want a Romantic Beau by Zem Joaquin
"One look at Beau Soleil's spring line and you will see designer Anne Salvatore Epstein's (formerly at Marc Jacobs) philosophy of 'Simple. Modern. Organic.' reflected in her dresses. Epstein blends lightweight, flowy fabrics with edgy stud details to create easy, yet sexy, silhouettes that flatter all (almost all)."

Garden Girl TV: Who is Patti The Garden Girl? by Patti Moreno
"A website dedicated to informing and educating the world on methods for Urban Sustainable Living. I have created a series of how-to videos and web pages that you can view here. With one hundred hours of video tape, I'll be releasing new videos weekly."

Groovy Green: Get your own living wall! by Michael d'Estries
"I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this innovative wall planter will work with the aesthetics of your home. Personally, I would enjoy having a couple of these in my office. Anyways, these planters will grow flowers, succulents, ferns, ivies, and whatever else you might want to try on your wall."

The Nag: The Lunch Nag - What do you throw away most? by AntiApathy
"The Nag makes it easy for people to do one thing a month to make their lifestyles more sustainable. People who join The Nag receive one email a month playfully ‘nagging’ them to visit the website where they are taken step by step through a different low-effort, high impact action around a lifestyle theme such as food, energy or fashion."

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