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EcoStreet: 2008’s most desirable eco-gadgets by Tracey Stokes
"My very first green gadget was a SavaPlug that I wired to an old freezer that was used to store my allotment produce. The old freezer saw its demise a few years ago and has been replaced with a super-efficient model, but it was the start of my love affair with green gadgetry."

The Tao of Change: The Faces of Bio-diesel by Tao Oliveto
"Bio-fuels are an encouraging concept for all countries, but reverting back to a mass-production mentality could land us back in utopia-minded pergatory. By producing bio-fuel from industrialized GMO corn soy or sugar cane, you have taken one step forward and another back."TreeConomist: Carnival of the Green #111 by James Britton
"I would like to welcome you all to the launch of TREEconomist, a new site analysing environmental policy issues related to climate change. We are proud to be hosting this week’s Carnival of the Green."

Two Steps Forward: Clorox Aims to Show that 'Green Works' by Joel Makower
"Can a major consumer packaged goods company with a name indelibly associated with household bleach become a leading light in the green marketplace? That's the hope of Clorox, the Oakland-based company, which this week is launching its first new brand in twenty years: Green Works."

WorldChanging: Creative Strategies for Reducing Food Waste
by Erica Barnett
"Every year, more than a quarter of the food in the United States' food system goes to waste. (In the UK, it's a third). That's 96 billion pounds of food lost in fields, commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants, stores, schools, and restaurants--a far cry from the "zero-waste" strategies many cities, including my own, are adopting)."

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