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Ecorazzi: Does Jamie Oliver Have Egg On His Face Over Sainsbury’s Comments? by Parrish. "...a few masters of the British cuisine (if you can call English food, cuisine…I joke) have been doing their part to shed light on the horrible realities of factory farming. And now it looks like Mr. Jamie Oliver has caused quite the stir."

Inhabitat: VIDEO: Chad Oppenheim on Sustainable Architecture by Emily Pilloton
"Check out our latest video interview of Miami architect Chad Oppenheim, designer of the stunning green COR Tower for Miami. In this video he discusses Miami as a booming real estate and construction economy, and his take on sustainability as a factor in that growth."
Inventor Spot:
Carnival of the Green #110
by Gloria Campos-Hensley
"Dervaes wants to let us know that we can Join the 100 Foot Diet challenge with Path To Freedom and grow food in your own backyard. To find out how to take on the challenge, click on Path To Freedom."

Slate - The Green Latern: The Premium Premium by Brendan I. Koerner
"I'm pretty enamored of my car, so I try to do right by her by using premium gasoline. But is 93-octane gas significantly worse for the environment than run-of-the-mill unleaded?"

Style Will Save Us:
Itsy Eco Interview: Luxury Redefined
by Virginia Rowe
"Knitwear king John Smedley and sustainable design and communications agency Better Thinking have got something rather interesting up their sleeve…. About to hit the rails for Spring ‘08 is the result of their collaborative project Luxury Redefined and what their touting as ‘the perfect t-shirt’."

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