TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


DeSmogBlog: DeSmogBlog Apologizes to Barack Obama by Jim Hoggan
"We at the DeSmogBlog would like to acknowledge a mistake in "awarding" presidential hopeful Barack Obama a 2007 SmogMaker prize for his position on global warming...Well, we succeeded in generating discussion, beginning in our own organization. Reacting to our news release, Chris Mooney jumped immediately to Obama's defence."EBike Blog: Carnival of the Green # 109! by Cass Edwards
"As part of a range of green transport links I'll focus on to begin with, totally on theme and early in is Joe from Green Living Online, who gives a basic round up of ebikes for getting around college in style - the big man on campus is anything with two-wheels. Students who have clued into the fact that most travel is local are turning to a variety of plugged-in options."

Ideal Bite: Are you just working for the weekend?
"Get a green career in 2008. If you spend all day at work watching the clock, you might be in the wrong biz. Make your living doing something great for the planet, and your TGIF might change to TGIM."

Next Billion: Will 2008 Be The Year of 'Next Billion' or 'Bottom Billion'? by Rob Katz
"What's in a name, a brand, a catchphrase? In some sense, everything. But a brand/name/phrase is only as good as the content behind it. So when U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon recently declared 2008 to be "the year of the 'bottom billion'," I paid attention - after all, Ban's declaration has the force of the U.N. behind it."

ZapRoot: Olsen Gremlins by Jessica Williamson
"ZapRoot is a quick weekly zap of usable news that goes straight to the root of some of the most intriguing environmental issues of the day—like what to do with those old plastic dildos you've accumulated over the years. ZapRoot has an answer complete with illustrations." This week features Frito Lay, PRT and the Olsen twins."