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About My Planet: Top Five Science Videos Of 2007 by Sarah Nelson
"New Scientist magazine shows us their most popular science videos of 2007; some of them are pretty bizarre. A species of squirrel that lives in the desert can tell the difference between a rattlesnake and a gopher snake, and heats its tail appropriately."

Grist: What I want for 2008 by Sean Casten
"What I want most for 2008 is serious action on climate change -- not just in terms of policy, but in terms of action. Mathematically, this mandates serious and constructive engagement from the electric sector, which has thus far been not only absent, but hostile to any serious discussion of GHG reduction."
Canada's Global Warming Grinch
by Mitchell Anderson
"In a year-end interview with CBC, Harper said “"As soon as you're dedicated to actually reducing emissions, that imposes costs on the economy...Once we start [and] these things start biting, the criticism we're going to be getting is that we're doing too much." Harper seems like a man bragging to his neglected wife that if he ever made love to her, she might die from exhaustion."

R3 Project: Not All Christmas Trees are Green by Petz Scholtus
"Despite some obvious advantages of having a fake tree, like re-usability (one tree can serve many years), non-prickling and perfect shapes, the fact that fake trees are almost always made from PVC does definitely not make them an eco option."

The Green Skeptic: Global Climate Change: An Email from Santa by Scott Edward Anderson. "This is Santa, writing from the North Pole. Soon I'll be gathering all the toys for all the good little girls and boys and packing them in my sleigh to begin our journey, our night of nights. The reindeer, however, are starting to complain about hoof-rot. Apparently, they've been standing around in too much slush. This has put me in a decidedly prickly mood this Christmas."

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