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Celsias: African Organics by Jeremy Williams
"Last week the UK’s Department for International Development announced a new fund to support ethical food production in Africa, for the UK market. The £2 million Food Retail Industry Challenge fund, or FRICH, will support trade networks between UK retailers and fair-trade and organic farmers in Africa."

Earth2Tech: FAQ: Thin-Film Solar by Craig Rubens
"Nanosolar started to roll the panels off its presses this week, prompting us to take a serious look at the thin-film market. So here are some basic pointers for one of the most promising areas in cleantech."Great Green Gadgets: Carnival of the Green - 108th Edition by Larry Groff
"Great Green Gadgets is excited to be the 108th host of the Carnival of the Green, hosted by TreeHugger. This is the last Carnival of the Green for 2007…catch up with us again in 2008 over at E-Bike Blog and we hope you enjoyed last week’s carnival at Live Green."

Green Guys Global: Shocking: Why won’t airlines let you clean up your C02 pollution? by Richard Rhodes. "Airlines are responsible for 3% of global C02 emissions (per the European Commission) and yet of 374 listed airlines in the English speaking world, only 24 offer passengers the opportunity to buy carbon offsets. Self service cleaning (i.e. being responsible for your own CO2 emissions) would be a start but most airlines are happy to clean the gangway and indeed the toilet, so how about the air we breath?"

Inhabitat: Alabama Chanin by Jill Danyelle
"Natalie Chanin has launched her newest endeavor, Alabama Chanin, which produces a small collection of housewares, jewelry, and apparel. True to her attention to community, one of the first products she created benefits post-Katrina reconstruction. All of the profits from the organic cotton, US-made Alabama Builds Shirt go to benefit Architecture for Humanity in their work with the Gulf Coast Region projects, mixing sustainable style with real social responsibility."

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