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Eco-Chick: Melissa Etheridge’s Call to Action by Starre Vartan
"For all y’all who didn’t watch Live Earth, you missed this inspiring speech by Ms. Etheridge made right in the middle of one of her songs. She is definitely an artist who knows how to work a crowd and her passion show right through the crappy YouTube recording. A Must-Watch for all you jaded folks out there."

Ester Republic: Carnival of the Green #85 by Deirdre Helfferich
"Yes, it's that time once again! The Carnival of the Green appears for the second time on the Ester Republic blog. I first hosted this compendium of sustainable blogginess back on July 10, 2006, with Carnival of the Green #35." Grist: Fighting transit racism: Building the environmental movement on the buses of L.A. by Eric Mann. "L.A., with 10 million people and 7 million cars on the road, is the freeway capital of the U.S. For more than 14 years, the MTA on one side and the Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union (BRU) on the other have been fighting over the future of L.A.'s public transportation"

Next Billion: Rising Ventures: Florestas - An Authentically Brazilian Company With an Authentically Green Image by Derek Newberry. "I will spare you the rest of my pub trivia night to get to the point - skin and taking care of it in a socially responsible way. Last week I spoke with one of WRI New-Venture's most promising entrepreneurs - Fernando Lima."

William Kamkwamba's Malawi Windmill Blog:
Surveying for water
"One of my goals for some time has been to build a more powerful windmill to pump water to irrigate a vegetable garden for my family, and eventually our crops of maize, beans and ground nuts (Americans call them peanuts)... We will need a larger water source if we are to irrigate, and the last thing I want to do is to drill a well which dries up the ground water for others through overconsumption of limited supply."
See Celine's post on William and Sarah Rich's recent post on Worldchanging about William starting his own blog.

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