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Be Turtle: Question: Are traditional light bulbs really that bad?
by Raddy B
"Answer: Another way of looking at this Raddy would be that if we decided to ban traditional light bulbs 5-10% of our power stations could be turned off! In the case of China, a ban on traditional light bulbs could mean that the Chinese didn't need to build 25-50 of the 500 coal power stations they are currently planning to construct over the next decade, whilst a similar ban in the US could mean that 25-50 of the power stations
which already exist could be turned off." by Dr Matt Prescott

Green as a Thistle: A green Halloween, part two (Day 245)… by Vanessa Farquharson
"Previously, I wrote about consuming every last bit of the pumpkin I carved up at a friend’s house. Now, I feel the need to address the costumes and the candy — and don’t worry, I promise not to be too much of a kill-joy, because there’s really nothing I love more than kids wearing pirate outfits and going mental for mini Snickers bars."Innocent Drinks: An update on our compostable bottle by Ted
"As you may have read in the blog before, we've now made the decision to move away from PLA and go for 100% recycled plastic across the range. Having looked at all the pros and cons, and talked to industry experts, we think that for our bottles it's better to stick to working with waste material (ie recycled plastic), rather than creating bottles from new materials (even though they are made from renewable resources)."

Money and Values: Carnival of the Green # 101 by Penny Nickel
"I believe that the values each of us cherish can and must be a part of our financial decisions. Sometimes that's easier said than done. Come along as I try to live frugally, save money, make wise financial decisions, and stay in tune with my values."

Smart Planet: Wayne Hemingway on eco design, folder bikes and the ButtButt by Adam Vaughan. "Wayne Hemingway should know a thing or two about design. With his wife Geraldine, he co-founded the Red or Dead label, which was ubiquitous in the 80s. Since his fashion days, he's turned his hand to all things eco, helping housebuilders green up their acts, creating the water butt that's shaped like a butt -- the ButtButt -- and judging ethical awards for the Beeb and the RSPCA."

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