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Ethical Junction: Carnival of the Green #99 by Ketan
"We are proud to be this month's 99th Carnival Host ! Break out the Red Balloons ;-) , if you're not quite sure what Carnival Of The Green is all about then head over to Carnival Central at TreeHugger and get in the know. In simple terms, its a travelling collection of interesting ethical related blog stories, submitted by you the readers. Each week the carnival moves to a new ethical blog host, and wheel goes round and round!"

Green Car Congress: Researchers Assess Current Potential Global Production of Biodiesel at 51 Billion Liters by Mike Millikin. "They also concluded that significant production gains—a 12-fold increase over existing potential—are possible through the increase of agricultural yields, primarily by improving the management of tropical oilseed varietals."New Scientist Environment: What's the worst that could happen? by Catherine Brahic
"There's always a chance that climate science has got things wrong, a fact which is illustrated by the IPCC's confidence intervals - which tend to be large - and error bars... A US high school teacher called Greg has created a series of 10-minute videos that illustrate the point nicely, and released them thanks to the wonders of YouTube."

Teensygreen: Sweets for the Sweet by Stefani
"Yes, yes, we’re all talking about how to green up Halloween, but seriously - avoid the candy? You know it’s not happening. You know you want to dig into that Halloween bag too. The least you could do is find an organic, more natural alternative hiding in candy form."

Triple Pundit: Brazil's Lula Campaigns for Fairer Trade as IBSA Summit Commences by Andrew Burger. "Brazilian, Indian and South African leaders are meeting in Pretoria this week for the second IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) summit. The three national leaders are looking to foster closer political relations and boost trade and economic ties, particularly among developing nations, in the southern hemisphere, by coordinating efforts to bring down trade and investment barriers and the sharing of knowledge, expertise and development resources."